Super Quick Shutdown

Super Quick Shutdown

An easy-to-use tool that can quickly turn off your computer
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Super Quick Shutdown is a very useful tool that enables you to turn off your PC very quickly and safely. You can set any hotkey combination to shut down your PC, without needing to click your mouse. The program offers you three different way of turning off your PC, including the standard shutdown, a force shutdown, and the quick shutdown mode, which is the fastest of the three.

Using this third mode, you can turn off your PC in one second, even if you have tens of programs running or multiple Windows opened on your desktop. However, you should always save any unsaved data or text before using this mode, as all unsaved data will be lost.

The other two modes act like the standard Windows shutdown processes we know - the log-off screen pops up, then Windows saves your user settings, and then the shutdown is completed. You can use the program also to quickly restart and log off users by using any hot key combination. The program can also create shortcut icons on your desktop for the actions you use most, like shutdown, restart, log off, or all of them.

Fully configurable actions, user friendly interface, and some unique features make this program a must-have for all. Because it can turn off your PC in a split second, you do not need to wait for Windows to save all your user settings and to show you those boring blue screens before turning off your PC.

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  • Easy to use
  • Can turn off your PC using a hotkey without damaging it or your operating system


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